Types of Packaging

• Blister Packs

• Assortment and Daily Packs

• Registered Packs

• Sample Packs

• Liquid Packs

• Fulfillment Packaging

Types of Products Packaged

• Tablets

• Capsules

• Soft Gels

• Dietary supplements

• Cosmeceuticals

• Chewable Wafers

• Lotions, Shampoos etc.

• Beauty products

• Samples

• Call to inquire about others

Packaging for a variety of

Distribution Models

• Retail

• Warehouse

• Infomercial

• Direct Sales

• Internet Sales

• Multi-level Marketing

• Point of Sale

• Samples

• Convenience Stores


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Since 1954, Multi-Pak Corporation has provided contract packaging services to the nutritional and cosmetic industries. We have built a reputation as a leader in the industry as a result of our expertise in the design and manufacturing of our proprietary packing equipment. Your company can depend on Multi-Pak to provide fast turn-around with strict adherence to quality throughout.


• Capacity in the Millions,

• Faster Lead Times,

• State-of-the-Art Equipment,

• cGMP Standards

Circa 1954

Burbank, CA

Today - Chatsworth, CA