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Hand Sanitizer Packs

Private Label Turn-Key Product
  • 70% Ethanol Alcohol (stock sanitizer formula)
  • Fragrance Free
  • Made and packaged in the USA
  • No leak packet design
  • EZ Pour spout design with Tear Notch
  • 1.2 ml (single-serve fill)
  • Dispenser Carton (125 packet count)

Available Sizes
2.00" wide x 2.50" tall (stock size)
Custom Size & Configurations
Need a custom size, fill, formula or configuration? Inquire about our liquid filling options.
Print Types
Registration (preprinted film)
Random (preprinted film)
Film Types
Our Private Label product uses a high quality cosmetic web material. A variety of packaging films are also available to meet your needs.
First time working with Multi-Pak?
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Hand Sanitizer Mockup 16.png
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*This is an illustration of our stock Private Label single-serve SANI+PAK and Dispenser carton formats. For other liquid packs please see our Liquid Packs page or Contact Us.

Hand Sanitizer Packets

Single use SANI+PAKS with EZ pour spout.

Why Choose Sani+Pak?
  • Sani+Pak is an easy, compact, on-the-go way to sanitize your hands when soap and water are not available.
  • Each Sani+Pak gives you the right amount of our 70% Ethanol Alcohol formula to kill 99.9% of most common germs. Our formula is non-sticky, and contains Aloe and Vitamin E that help to moisturize your skin.
  • Just tear off the top portion of the Sani+Pak and squirt contents into your hand. Rub both hands together until dry. It’s that simple! Killing germs has never been easier! 
  • Our durable, no-leak design are perfect to take anywhere! Even your kids can take these with them!
  • A vital hygiene tool for teachers, gym enthusiasts, communal work areas, sales people, hair salons and other jobs that put you in contact with the public.
  • Also vital for home use: Put it in your purse, wallet, car, kids lunchbox, kids backpack, or your gym bag.
  • Sani+Paks provide a needed layer of protection to keep you and your family safe and healthy.
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